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Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Niall O'ReillyOpen SourceB. NGI-Zero: EU-funded framework for supporting FLOSS projects2023-05-13
Raymond JettenIPv6Welcome2023-05-15
Dan OwenAnti-AbuseD.1. Domain Trust Community2023-05-15
Falk SternTutorialUsing RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat for troubleshooting2023-05-16
Khwaja Zubair sediqiPlenaryHyper-Specific Prefixes: Gotta Enjoy the Little Things in Interdomain Routing2023-05-16
Leo VegodaRIPE Community PlenaryThe Future of Discussion Lists2023-05-16
Leo VegodaAddress PolicyI. IPv6 Policy Review2023-05-17
Gerardo ViviersAnti-AbuseAnti-Abuse Training Update from RIPE NCC Learning & Development2023-05-19
Alexandros MilolidakisPlenaryBGP Hijackers That Evade Public Route Collectors2023-05-19
Karin AhlPlenaryHow Sweden Built a World-Leading Time Network2023-05-20
Leo VegodaConnectPeeringDB Update2023-05-21
Shane KerrBCOP Task ForceB. RIPE DNS Resolver Task Force Recommendations - Update [10 min]2023-05-21
Franziska LichtblauOpening PlenaryThe RIPE Programme Committee2023-05-21
Giovane MouraPlenaryAssessing e-Government DNS Resilience2023-05-22
Mirjam KühneNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE 86 Newcomers' Introduction2023-05-22
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryWelcome from the RIPE NCC and Meeting Logistics2023-05-22
Alexander BrundiersRoutingTaking the Shortcut – Advances in Segment Routing Traffic Engineering2023-05-22
Florian StreibeltPlenaryHow Ready is DNS for an IPv6-only World?2023-05-22
Rudolf van der BergOpening PlenaryThe EU Gigabit Connectivity Package and How It Will Hurt the Internet2023-05-22
Mirjam KühneOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 862023-05-22
Peter ThomassenPlenarydeSEC: Secure DNSSEC Hosting2023-05-22
Tayfun OZALTINTutorialRIPE86 IPv6 Tutorial2023-05-22
Vesna ManojlovicOpening PlenaryThe Environmental Impact of Internet: Urgency, De-Growth, Rebellion2023-05-22
Olena KushnirPlenaryRegional Success Stories in the Conditions of War2023-05-22
Peter EhiwePlenaryTechniques to Reduce Network Power Consumption2023-05-22
Elisantila GaciPlenaryEnabling Distributed Configuration & Control for WiFiMon Probes2023-05-22
Benno Overeinder and Jan ŽoržBCOP Task ForceA. Opening, Administrative, Global Activities [5 min]2023-05-22
Tom StrickxPlenaryIncident Management at Scale2023-05-22
Philip HomburgDNSWhat about Connectbyname2023-05-22
Bart Van de VeldePlenaryThe New, Encrypted Protocol Stack and How to Deal With It2023-05-22
Massimo CandelaPlenaryGeolocation Problems. Do We Have a Solution?2023-05-23
Geoff HustonPlenaryDNSSEC: Yes or No?2023-05-23
Lefteris ManassakisPlenaryBogons Observatory2023-05-23
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseAnti-Abuse WG Agenda RIPE862023-05-23
Randy BushPlenaryRPKI Ecosystem Measurement2023-05-23
Alena MuravskaBCOP Task ForceC. Identifying and Documenting Best Practices to Survive Natural Disasters or War: Call for Action [40 min]2023-05-23
Ana CusturaPlenaryWhat Should Networks Do With IPv6 Extension Headers?2023-05-23
Benno Overeinder, Bastiaan Goslings and Robert CarolinaPlenaryThe EU Regulating (Open Source) Software: The Proposed Cyber Resilience Act and Product Liability Directive2023-05-23
Robert KistelekiMATRIPE NCC Tools Update2023-05-23
Edwin VerheulAddress PolicyH. 2023-02: Minimum Size for IPv4 Temporary Assignments2023-05-23
Mirja KühlewindBoFIETF Overview of Technical Work and Hot Topics2023-05-23
Marco PolveriniMATA Digital Twin-based Framework to Enable "What-If" Analysis in BGP Optimization2023-05-23
James KennedyAddress PolicyA. Introduction2023-05-23
Peter SteinhaeuserIoTSession WG-Chair Slides2023-05-23
Silas PeprahConnectLightning Talk About Accra-IX2023-05-23
Rinse KloekIPv62. Deploying IPv6 and/or CGNAT2023-05-23
Claudio AllocchioPlenaryMonitoring the Hidden: GEANT TimeMap Jitter and Latency Monitoring Service2023-05-23
Guillaume MazoyerOpen Sourcepyixapi - From Peering Manager features to standalone library2023-05-23
Theodoros FyllaridisAnti-AbuseB.4. How the RIPE NCC Handles LEA Requests2023-05-23
Ties de KockRoutingRPKI Update2023-05-23
Sebastien BacholletCooperationthe possible tracks for the enhancing the RIPE-EURALO collaboration2023-05-23
Maarten BottermanIoTBuilding Global Trust in the Internet of Things2023-05-23
Yevheniya NosykMATIntercept and Inject: DNS Response Manipulation in the Wild2023-05-23
Herve ClementAddress Policy2023 ASO AC Update2023-05-23
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyFeedback from RIPE NCC Registration Services2023-05-23
Angela Dall'AraAddress PolicyCurrent Policy Topics2023-05-23
Ben Cartwright-CoxRouting5. Realtime bgptools, One Year On2023-05-23
Matthias WichtlhuberAddress PolicyG. 2023-01: Reducing IXP IPv4 Assignment Default Size to a /262023-05-24
Jeroen LauwersAddress PolicyF. Concept: AGGREGATED-BY-LIR status for IPv4 PA Assignments2023-05-24
Job SnijdersRouting4. RPKIviews - Archiving RPKI Data for the Very Curious2023-05-24
Benjamin W. BroersmaCooperationDutch Internet Standards Platform - internet.nl2023-05-24
Job SnijdersRouting6. New Co-Chair Selection2023-05-24
Job SnijdersRouting1. Introduction and Welcome2023-05-24
Henrik KramselundRIPE Community PlenaryThe Newcomers' Guide to Networking: Textbooks for the Next Generation2023-05-24
Alex de JoodeCooperationResponse to the European Commission Consultation on the Future of the Electronic Communications Sector and Its Infrastructure2023-05-24
CoopWGCooperationResponse to the European Commission Consultation on the Future of the Electronic Communications Sector and Its Infrastructure2023-05-24
Lennert BoberIoTOptical Wireless Communication for the Networking of Things2023-05-24
Fergal CunninghamRIPE NCC ServicesD. RIPE NCC Survey 20232023-05-24
Felipe Victolla SilveiraRIPE NCC ServicesC. Registry and Technology Update2023-05-24
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesA. Administrative Matters2023-05-24
Hans Petter HolenRIPE NCC ServicesB. RIPE NCC Past and Future2023-05-24
Christian KaufmannRIPE NCC ServicesF. Board as a Service2023-05-24
Nurullah DemirMATOur (in)Secure Web: Understanding Update Behaviour of Websites and its Impact on Security2023-05-24
Emile AbenMATRIS Routing Beacons Revisited2023-05-24
Kim DaviesRIPE Community PlenaryIANA Update2023-05-24
Alastair StrachanOpen SourceF.2 RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund2023-05-24
Tayfun OZALTINIPv6Advanced IPv6 Course Input Request2023-05-24
Willem TooropDNSGoedemorgen & Agenda2023-05-24
Marcos SanzOpen SourceA. Administrative Matters2023-05-24
Marcos SanzOpen SourceG. Working Group Further Organisational Matters2023-05-24
Stavros KonstantarasConnectIntroducing a Common Policy for the Use of IRR DB by IXP Route Servers2023-05-24
Jonas MückePlenaryListening to the Noise: Understanding QUIC deployments using passive measurements2023-05-24
Matthijs MekkingDNSDNSSEC Multi-signer Model in BIND 92023-05-24
Shane KerrDNSUpdate on the DNS Resolver Task Force2023-05-24
Den IsDatabaseC. Managing the RIPE Database2023-05-24
Maria MatejkaOpen SourceF.1 BIRD GUI2023-05-24
Geoff HustonDNSMeasuring Open Resolver Use in the EU2023-05-24
LOUIS PETINIAUDConnectMapping the Geography of Data in Central Asia: A View From Within2023-05-24
WG ChairsMATWG Chairs2023-05-24
Andronikos KyriakouDNSShielding Europe - DNS4EU's Pan-European Protective DNS Service for 100 Million Users2023-05-24
Fernando GontIPv65. Implications of IPv6 Addressing on Security Operations2023-05-25
Ondrej ZajicekOpen SourceD. BIRD 2 - Overview and Future Outlook2023-05-25
Romain FontugneMATInternet Yellow Pages2023-05-25
Anand BuddhdevDNSRIPE NCC Update2023-05-25
Stefan UbbinkDNSPort 53 DNS Hackathon: DNS Oops2023-05-25
Will van GulikConnectOpening & Housekeeping2023-05-25
Maria StafylaDatabaseD. RIPE Database Use Cases2023-05-25
MAT WG ChairsMATClosing Remarks2023-05-25
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community PlenaryThe RIPE Chair Team Report2023-05-25
Wilhelm BoeddinghausIPv64. Clear Guidance for Implementing IPv6 in Enterprises2023-05-25
Niels RaijerOpen SourceE. Update from Route Server Support Foundation2023-05-25
Tony FinchPlenaryWhere Does My Computer Get the Time From?2023-05-25
Moritz FrenzelClosing PlenaryRedesigning an OOB Network for Resilience2023-05-25
Bijal SanghaniConnectEuro-IX Update2023-05-25
Ed ShryaneDatabaseB. Operational Update2023-05-25
Falk vonBornstaedtRIPE Community PlenaryThe 2023 Rob Blokzijl Award2023-05-25
Edward McNairRIPE Community PlenaryNANOG Community Update2023-05-25
Diversity in TechDiversity In TechDiversity in Tech2023-05-25
Willem TooropPlenaryImpROVement2023-05-25
Etienne KhanPlenaryStranger VPNs: Investigating the Geo-Unblocking Capabilities of Commercial VPN Providers2023-05-26
Rob de MeesterClosing PlenaryRIPE 86 Technical Report2023-05-26
Mirjam KühneClosing PlenaryRIPE 86 Closing2023-05-26
Cynthia RevströmClosing PlenaryRIPE Code of Conduct Team Report2023-05-26