Measurements and Tools (MAT) Working Group

Thursday, 25 May 09:00 - 10:30 (UTC+2)

Chaired By: Massimo Candela, Nina Bargisen, Stephen Strowes
Welcome and Introductory Remarks [5 min]
A Digital Twin-based Framework to Enable "What-If" Analysis in BGP Optimization [15 min]
Marco Polverini, Sapienza Università di Roma
Internet Yellow Pages [15 min]
Romain Fontugne, Internet Initiative Japan
Intercept and Inject: DNS Response Manipulation in the Wild [20 min]
Yevheniya Nosyk, Université Grenoble Alpes
Our (in)Secure Web: Understanding Update Behaviour of Websites and its Impact on Security [15 min]
Nurullah Demir, Institut für Internet-Sicherheit
RIS Routing Beacons Discussion and Tools Updates [15 min]
Emile Aben and Robert Kisteleki, RIPE NCC
Closing Remarks [5 min]