Anti-Abuse Working Group

Wednesday, 24 May 12:00 - 13:00 (UTC+2)

Chaired By: Brian Nisbet, Markus de Brün, Tobias Knecht
A. Administrative Matters
  • Welcome
  • Scribe, chat, stenography
  • Meetecho mic and chat etiquette
  • Ratings where appropriate
  • Approve minutes from RIPE 85
  • Finalise agenda
  • Code of Conduct
B. Updates
  • B.1 Recent List Discussion
  • B.2. RIPE NCC Training Update
    Gerardo Viviers, RIPE NCC
  • B.3. RIPE Database Task Force Recommendations
  • B.4. How the RIPE NCC Handles LEA Requests
    Theodoros Fyllaridis, Legal Counsel, RIPE NCC
D. Interactions
  • D.1. Domain Trust
    Dan Owen, Global Cyber Alliance
X. A.O.B.
Z. Agenda for RIPE 87