Khwaja Zubair sediqi

Khwaja Zubair Sediqi is a third-year Ph.D. student supervised by Professor Anja Feldmann in the Internet Architecture group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (MPII) in Saarbrucken, Germany. With a Master's degree from TU Berlin, Zubair researches Internet measurement, inter-domain routing, BGP, routing security, and DNS. Zubair was selected as the MANRS Research fellow for 2022. His work as a MANRS Research fellow primarily focuses on the RPKI project.

Before joining MPII, Zubair held a directorial position in the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan and worked as a Network Engineer at ROSHAN Telecom for five years. Additionally, he taught various computer science subjects at the Kabul Polytechnic University (KPU) for several years.