Claudio Allocchio

Claudio Allocchio studied Astrophysics and Physics of Elementary Particles, but also music (piano) at the Conservatory. In 1985, he began to deal with computer networks at CERN, returning to Trieste in 1988. He is a founder of GARR Network, and directed the project COSINE Mail Gateway Services in the early '90s, creating the first email global service. For 11 years he was also the president of the Italian Naming Authority (the body that regulated the ".it" domain). A member of the IETF since 1991, he was in charge and now is senior member of the Real Time and Application Area Directorate. At GARR, he is Senior Manager and Advisor, coordinating Advanced Application Services, Security and Policy areas and one of the creators of LoLA, the ultra-fast videoconferencing system. He is Chair of the GEANT Community Committee. He won the Vietsch Medal of Honour in 2019 and the eCulture award from Anilla Cultural LatinoAmericana in 2021 and again in 2023.